An attempted sketch of a 1630 Rembrandt self-portrait

The prolific self-portraitor, chronicled his fluctuating fortunes as he became increasingly weathered by age and experience.

My introduction happened through repeated trips to the Scottish National Gallery. This particular Rembrandt was housed within a shadowy room, tucked away in a corner of this satisfyingly compact gallery. The eyes reeled me in.

Painted in 1657, and aged 51, Rembrandt van Rijn stares out of the frame looking world-weary. The lighting and depth gave me the feeling of a priveleged onlooker to his misfortune; as if this exact moment in time, a connection is emparted between you and the artist. I’ve always been drawn back to this spot.

This 17th century painting never fails to provide me with a dose of perspective. A considerable number of visits later, at a point in which I began to feel very well acquainted with Mr van Rijn, I decided to buy myself a print. Thus began my collection of Rembrandt self-portraits…( sadly, however, mostly accumalating through modest postcards).

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