1. Often one forgets how amazing modern
    structures can be. Only one hundred years
    ago the world looked very different. We take
    it for granted when we are traversing tangeled
    over passes or souring above the mountains
    of greenland. I once used a parking garage
    that was bigger then the tower of london,
    and saw a plane fly by from the very top of
    it. We marvel at the pyrmids – while building
    pyrmids of our own – perhaps a thousand
    years from now – when our most mediocure
    concrete monsters are covered with vines,
    people will fly by in their jet packs on their
    way to the orbiting mall and think – Now
    that’s Awesome!

  2. maddieu

    These are really excellent photos that show the beauty of a car park. Never thought I would call a car park beautiful, but these photos have showed me how beautiful ordianary things can be. I wish you luck with your photography and well done.

  3. Nice pictures. I like how you find art in ordinary things. It’s easy to photograph something obviously extraordinary, it’s a lot harder to take the things in everyday life and make them look cool.

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