Derelict platforms, winter shadows and looking up at bridges

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The first few photos show an attempt at capturing the slightly ethereal atmosphere on a little-used railway platform, whose past splendour has definitely seen better days. It was a risky move, as I was moving into train-spotter territory (that fascinating and socially elusive of species).

The little boy and what I would presume to be his train-driving dad, skipping along the platform, on his way to work, I thought rather lovely. Thinking back to my own childhood, I probably would have skipped along with a similar level of zeal.

I’m finding myself slightly obsessed with the skeletal reflections and shadows of winter trees. On a bright day, they transform mundane urban settings into rather theatrical scenes.

The last couple of photos are along the docile River Severn, where some tree baubles hang over the water and a foot-bridge crosses overhead, a low-slung winter sun causing interesting light conditions.

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